mru (music review unsigned) in a nut shell are extremely dedicated music fans who review the best of the unsigned music world from around the world and introducing them to a wider audience like our self.

on the 9th may 2013 they had a massive launch party in dublin (ireland) with a great mix of bands and artistes going through the genres of music from acoustic folk through easy cool rock blues and alternative rock right to heavy rock with a tick of blues. if you were looking for music diversity you would find it here.

the acts on the two different stage in the mercantile venue had been jemson green, tristan carroll, dem fools, rachael mccormack, sal vitro, the enemies, the radioactive grandma, jimi cullen, ka tet. a great thanks to all the acts who showed us what they are made of.

for every one who were not able to come and join in we have made a small compilation of what had happed on the main stage and in the acoustic corner: