bloc party had been back in dublin (ireland) for two nights, they have been given all and more on tuesday (12.02.2013) night in the olympia theatre. from the kick start with ‘so he begins to lie’ from their new album four right through to the end mixing up the deck with their all time favorites, closing with ‘helicopter’, they have been pushing hard and the absence of each other over the years just fused them together on stage.
the fans came and bloc party have delivered well over the norm and what you would have expected by mashing all four albums into a massive package where you are just asking for more though your ears are going already deaf. if you have the chance to see them on their current tour you will definitely not be disappointing. a great treat was as well to listen into their brand new full of energy packed with in your face attitude song ‘ratchet’.
if you did not had the chance to have seen them in dublin over this two days check out the playlist from tuesday: