innocent smiley in a nut shell

we are always out to explore the vast grounds of the music world and try to find something new and exciting which is not necessarily world known or just about to see the first light of dawn.

on the main page of innocent smiley you will see the latest videos which we were able to catch during live concerts, though being busy around the clock we try to see a few nice ones and the editors pick is going up into our youtube channel and of course they are getting featured here.

though we are based in dublin (ireland) we always try on our travels to have a camera with us and to check out new bands or the already famous, through twitter you are able to follow us which venue where we are popping into or where we just have been.

the music pulse is a tick different, here you will find a mix of music, from the very well known to the little ones from the far corners of the world (which are indeed not easy to find). it is true that music pulse is influenced by the charts like billboard or the alternative music website pitchfork but we do look around the globe and do take great pleasure in suggesting bands to be featured here. you will be able to find the monthly featured artist in out play lists on youtube, facebook, twitter and of course here.

happy viewing and do drop us a line via facebook or twitter if you have suggestions to feature an artist on music pulse or gigs which are worth checking out.